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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Saturday afternoon was spent running all over town and running errands, as well as going to the mall to replenish my hair gel and skin cream. When I got a little breather, I went to Nordstrom's and had a very light lunch that consisted of a bowl of tomato soup and a small, dinner salad. While the soup was cooling, I went through my mail and opened up Anthropologie's new catalog. On the 2nd page, I read the following words: "Alone? Never, not here - the city and I are endless, constant companions." I don't know the city this quote was referring to. But, this got me thinking. There has only been 1 place I have ever felt that way about. It is San Francisco, where my husband and I will be heading in a few days. So, here is my valentine to the city. Here are some of my favorite neighborhoods and places to visit that I have photographed over the years. The photo above is from my 40th birthday trip. Since my birthday is in February, it was pretty damn cold those 4 days we were in the city. Notice my hands; I am even wearing gloves! But, I didn't care!

This shot is from 1 of the murals in Coit Tower. There are several murals inside the building that depict life during the Great Depression of the 30's. Coit Tower is in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood. It was built in the early 30's.

This is another mural, on the other side of town, in the Mission District. This is the Women's Center, and the building is covered in murals.

This is 1 of the murals that are on the front area of the Women's Center. Notice Dolores Huerta, activist and co-founder of the United Farm Workers. She has the UFW flag wrapped around her shoulders.
A view of the garden and cemetery at Mission Dolores. This is a statue of Father Junipero Serra.

Here is a shot of the Mission Dolores Church. I have NEVER considered myself to be very religious even though I attended a Catholic school for 8 years. But when I do go to church, it is here I attend mass.
Now, we're hitting home! This is a shot of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. This is actually a store on Haight Street and the legs out the window have become a landmark of sorts that welcomes visitors to the neighborhood! The Haight is where we lived 16 years ago; we lived here for almost a year. And I still consider it my 2nd home.

That guy who keeps popping up on my blog, Mr. Bob Marley! The man I share my birthday with and who I admired SO very much! This is a mural in the Haight, on the corner of Haight and Central. About 3 months ago when we were last up in San Francisco, we spent most of the day in the Haight. This mural has been updated. It looks very different from this, so hopefully, when we're up there over the weekend, I am going to take a shot of the new version. I love the message above Bob's head: "Respect is all we have." How true.
This is the Castro District, another of my favorite places to hang out. I LOVE the homes in the neighborhood and this 1 has always stood out! I LOVE the boldness of the colors!

I took this picture when I was up in the city during the fall, about 10 years ago. Notice the Halloween decorations! This was 1 of my favorite places in the Castro. It is the Skin Zone. The Skin Zone had the most amazing soaps, creams, and shampoos you could imagine. I am a soap and cream whore and proud of it! At the Skin Zone, they custom-blended your body products, so that you would be able to create your own scents. In May, we were driving in the neighborhood and I noticed the Skin Zone was no longer there. Tonight, I went on-line and there is a website, so maybe the owners decided to operate online only. I will have to call their number to satisfy my curiosity because if they are still in business, I will be back to getting most of my beauty products from them!

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