Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to share my art and adventures as an administrator with others. Thank you for making the time to view my blog and giving me your input.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Here are my latest pages in my love journal. I am taking a page out of Kelly's "playbook": no paint was used for these 2 and my next 4 pages. I used a variety of papers, stickers, a Sharpie fine marker for writing , and decorative tapes. The pages kind of fit really well with the wide array of colors that seem to showcase the girl's beautiful sari. Although the school year has officially ended, I am SUPER busy putting everything together for the opening of my new school. But being busy is NO reason to not work on art! Not painting pages in my journal has given me more time to work in it. And working more frequently in my journal has given me an opportunity to take a little breather from being a principal.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My latest pages from my love journal. After a very busy and packed week, I am spending a quiet day cleaning house and listening to Bruce Springsteen and some butt-moving and shaking rock and roll! I may be a principal, but there is nothing conservative about me! Have a great weekend.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers, uncles, god-fathers, and other male role models out there! This is your special day! The top photo is of all of us as children with our folks. Although I am prejudiced, my dad was the best father on the planet. You couldn't ask for better.

My older brother, Frank who epitomizes what a good father should be, and my niece, Katie.

My gorgeous husband, Mike and our niece, Francesca, @ her 8th grade graduation. Hard to believe she is going to be 16 in a few weeks! The time has surely flown!
My younger brother, Michael and me @ Francesca's baptism! Wow, even harder to believe when you think about how much time has passed. Michael and I are Francesca's god-parents. And my baby brother is 'Father Goose' in our family. Never a dull moment when he is around.

Another couple of pages from the journal I am currently working in. I am having a lazy Sunday and feel great about things! I had a furlough day on Friday and another 1 coming up tomorrow. So, I actually got a 4-day weekend. I got a jump start on all the things that were pending @ home and that was terrific. It will give me a day tomorrow for spoiling myself. On tap are a foot massage (it's about time!) and a trip to the museum. I was going to go to the museum today, but have decided instead, to work on my book. Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning house and doing laundry. I re-organized my studio and put all small sized paint bottles in a basket that is now on my desk. Instant inspiration and 1 less excuse for not making the time to work on art. Enjoy your Sunday - we Southern Californians are spoiled with our amazing weather year-round!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My latest pages in my "love" book. I got a chance to work on several pages in my book this past weekend. I expect to be working on my book again in the next couple of days. I will be off from work this Friday and Monday for a 4-day weekend! I need to take my 4 furlough days before the school year ends and I am running out of time! Today, I took my 1st furlough day and although furlough days # 2 and 3 are a couple of days away, squeezing in the last furlough day will be tough with the schedule I have for the next 2 weeks. Although no one wants to give up days and basically not get paid for their time, I would much rather do this than to see anyone lose their job or our district make more cuts to services. And on a "happy" note, these 4 days are going to force me to slow down and enjoy my life outside of the job. Can anyone say, "Next stop, the Huntington, Norton Simon, Folk Tree?!" Here I come ...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sometimes, life becomes complicated. The job gets crazy! There isn't as much time in the day as I would like - every day! But, then I think of all of the moments my nephews and nieces have taught me to slow down and savor the moment. It's great being a kid and being able to... stick out your tongue when the adults want you to behave for the never-ending photos on Christmas day.

And it is fun to be able to just really enjoy that chocolate ice-cream and who cares if you have it all over your face!

Or if you are trying to show the adults to have some fun in church and just, well, chill!

And then of course, there is always time for a jump in the air! Who cares if you are in college, right?! All of this seems 100 times better than preparing for the work week and more endless meetings. Have a great week, everyone! I love all you kids!

A couple of new pages from my love journal. I enjoyed adding several layers to these pages, as well as transparencies, stickers, and a rub-on. The pages in this little book are so thin that I have been adding Wassau paper that is 110 lb. to some of the pages so that I can really work the paper!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two more pages and two different views of my latest pages in my love journal. I attached one of my soul cards (from a batch I made last summer for a class I taught) to the left side of this page. I like that it looks like a small door - a portal leading to some very private thoughts.

This page started out with several layers of bits of paper. In the background, I used two pages from a book of red stamps that my dear friend, Carol Parks gave me last year. She stuffed a box full of red and Valentine's Day themed items into it. And the box was SO beautiful, I didn't want to open it yet alone take anything out of it! I have been saving these red stamps pages for the right moment. Well, I think that moment just came. And because Kelly raved about these stencils, I had to go out and get them. I have had them on my desk for the last few weeks and they have been patiently waiting for to come out!