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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Some New Art...

What is going on here?!  Some new art?!  Actually, yes.  It's time.  More than time.  It's very hard to explain as to just how much my job and everything that goes with it take away so much of my time.  Because my time is SO limited, I don't have very much time to make new art and post as often as I should, so I have to wait for whatever break I can squeeze some time to do just that.  I am on my winter break and this break is going to be all about re-charging and spending some quality time with my art supplies and me.  I finished these four pages last night.  My dear friend and fellow artist, Kelly Kilmer, kellykilmer.blogspot.com, put together a killer collage bag of images for me.  This past Tuesday, I spent two hours cutting down all of the images, then sorting and mixing them with my own collection of images.  And doing so sparked some new ideas!  Here's to making more art during this break!  Here's to a wonderful holiday season! Christmas is almost here and I can hardly wait! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Here's To Making More Art!

Photo by Roseann Cazares

Photo by Roseann Cazares

Happy 2015!  I just can't believe it's been more than a year since I last blogged on "An Artist's Life"!  It was a ridiculously busy 2014 that left me with very little time to make some new art or anything else.  Running a school and having a 2nd blog to update regularly have been where much of my attention is focused.  I have been on winter break for the last 3 weeks.  At the start of my vacation, I made a small list of the things I wanted to accomplish before I went back to work.  On the list and towards the top of it, was making some new art and taking "arty" photos.  And so now that the minutes and hours are ticking away before the second semester of this school year begins,  here is some of the art I made to prepare for my favorite "holiday" of the year, Valentine's Day.  I promise it won't take me another year to post again!  PROMISE!  xoxo