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Saturday, November 30, 2013

How I Have Spent Some of My Vacation...

I have been off for almost a week now for Thanksgiving break.  The time has flown!  Since the new school year started, I have been even busier than normal.  This year, I am teaching a class during the school day.  I am teaching "Creative Writing" during our third period.  I am loving every minute of it too!  Last month, I taught my students how to create mail art.  The students also added a short message to the mail art.  Once everyone completed their postcards, I walked them into the post office and had each piece (24 in total!) hand-cancelled and off to their new homes they went.  I must confess several of my students had a hard time giving up their mail art.  So to lesson the anxiety, my dear secretary and friend, Valarie (I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS!), made copies of all of the art work and suspended each piece to the ceiling, in our main office.  This looks SUPER cool and very inviting when you visit.  During my break, I created 10 new postcards/ mail art.  The top left corner card was the piece I used as my sample for teaching the lesson to my students.   I have a lot of art I have not posted, including 2 journals I have completed in the last few months.  Being principal doesn't give me a lot of extra time to do very much outside of the job.  But creating, even in spurts, is good for my soul, like my dear red-headed friend, Kelly, says.  Speaking of Kelly Kilmer, I will be meeting her and a few other very interesting and special women, in the next few hours.  It's our journaling group and we will be hanging out at Farmer's Market and journaling. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and A Gorgeous Autumn Day

Photo by Roseann Cazares

Happy Thanksgiving no matter where you are!  Today has been a spectacular day in our beloved neighborhood - just look at these colors.  Stunning.  I have been on break for the last few days and I have been making art like crazy!  Very soon, I will post the art I have made.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday and thank you for your patience and checking in on my blog from time to time.