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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two more pages and two different views of my latest pages in my love journal. I attached one of my soul cards (from a batch I made last summer for a class I taught) to the left side of this page. I like that it looks like a small door - a portal leading to some very private thoughts.

This page started out with several layers of bits of paper. In the background, I used two pages from a book of red stamps that my dear friend, Carol Parks gave me last year. She stuffed a box full of red and Valentine's Day themed items into it. And the box was SO beautiful, I didn't want to open it yet alone take anything out of it! I have been saving these red stamps pages for the right moment. Well, I think that moment just came. And because Kelly raved about these stencils, I had to go out and get them. I have had them on my desk for the last few weeks and they have been patiently waiting for to come out!


lee said...

looks great!

Roseann said...

Thanks, Lee! Hope you are doing well!