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Sunday, August 17, 2008

This has been a very exhausting weekend! Yesterday, we had a party for my mother. My brother, Mike, did an absolutely outstanding job of organizing it. In a word, the party was "perfect". My mother's health has been quickly deteriorating for the last few months and my brother decided to have the party as a way for her to see old friends and family 1 more time before she gets worse. The party was a private party and was held at Pio Pico Park, in Whittier. My brother rented out the place and there were 2 park rangers who kept an eye out to make sure it was an enjoyable affair. There were about 200 guests. My brother has ALWAYS known how to throw a party! There was lots of food, a delicious cake, margaritas, beer, kettle corn, to-die-for lemonade, pony rides, mariachis, music, karoake, an artist who drew caricatures, a huge movie screen and movies for the kids to watch, and several tables and dealers for the more "adventurous" folks who wanted to play craps. The party was tons of fun, but more importantly, it gave all of us an opportunity to catch-up with our loved ones and dear friends. I only invited less than a handful of my friends to the party: Art, Blanca, George, and Sergio; 3 of these friends have been my friends for 24 years or more. The highlights of the evening were having the artist draw Sergio and me and my husband dealing at 1 of the crap tables and teaching Fred, George, and Sergio how to play the game! My brother told me this morning that every time the guys shuttled people back to their cars, they heard lots of compliments about the party. The guys told my brother no one said they did not have fun! Wow! My brother is a very special person and every opportunity I have, I tell him how much I love him! Just like when we were kids, hearing that still embarrasses him! Good job, Mike!

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