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Friday, August 15, 2008

I got some great news late this afternoon! I am going to interview on Tuesday morning for my 1st ever principal position! So, I couldn't help myself with this video by 1 of my favorite singers and someone who I think epitomizes the word "artist": Peter Gabriel. I LOVE "Big Time" because is is a fun song and video, but more importantly, it makes fun of all those people who let success get to their heads! So, if I do make it to the "big time", I will not act like the asses being portrayed in this song! I promise!

Speaking of Peter Gabriel, here is another 1 of my favorites of his. This is a song that he composed and performed back in the mid-70's, during the time he was part of the rock band, "Genesis". The band reunited to perform some of their old songs and here is an updated version of "The Carpet Crawlers". Peter Gabriel's videos are art in themselves. What an imagination! I have been most fortunate to have seen him in concert twice. What a show this man puts on! If you listen carefully, you can hear Phil Collins singing with Peter Gabriel. His is the voice in the background.

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