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Thursday, August 21, 2008

We are getting ready to make the move to our new home. God willing, we will be in our new place this coming Tuesday. Tomorrow will be spent collapsing my studio, so I am going to take advantage of being able to post until Monday. The movers will be here on Monday and they will be spending the entire day packing everything, then they will be back on Tuesday to actually do the move. We are only going a very short distance from our current place. We are staying in Pasadena and will be living on the arroyo. I am really excited about the new location because I absolutely LOVE the arroyo. The arroyo will be literally our front yard! You can actually see the arroyo from 1 of the bedrooms! Umm... I think that is going to be my new studio! But enough of that for now. This post is really about the images above. Kelly, I KNOW you are reading my blog from the other side of the country! And of course, I am reading all about your classes back east. I LOVE the stories and pictures about your outings. I feel as though I am traveling with you and Tristan! So, Kel, I am trying to locate the source/s for these scraps of paper. I bought these papers over a year ago and in hindsight, I should have bought several sheets of each pattern. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to buy these Indian firecracker papers? I have exhausted all of my usual places on this side of the country! Thanks.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Roseann ;)

Paper Source had them ages ago...if I still have some (I bought a ton of them and gave them away, used them up, etc...). I have seen *some* of them from time to time at P.S. They're the only store I've seen them at. IF I can get to the P.S. here, and I see them, I will get you some!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Love Love LOVe the blog.

If you need anything while your goodies are packed up, i will be home wednesday so let me know :)

Roseann said...

Thanks Kelly for your wonderful, generous offer! I have so much stuff that I will be okay. I am taking a small stash with me so that I don't have to wait to unpack.