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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A couple more pages from my journal, which I haven't touched in about almost a month. That's 1 of my closest friends, George, with me. We got a chance to spend some time together before Christmas and exchange gifts. I loaded him up with packages, including 1 for his wife, Andrea! We had dinner at 1 of my favorite Chinese restaurants and had the bartender take a picture of us. For some reason, everyone in this journal is getting a heart painted on their chest! Hearts and hands are the 2 most recurring symbols in my artwork. Anyway, lots of stuff going on with these 2 pages - several layers, writing on vellum, tape, and more tape, 2 1 dollar bills that made it into the artwork, gift wrap, pages from a book, and the gift tag that George attached to my gift, can be found within the 2 pages. I am SO looking forward to working on my book during this upcoming, long weekend I am going to have soon.


Seth said...

Great pages!

Pandora said...

Hey Auntie! I so enjoy being able to catch up with you via your blog - it's like a little gift! I do share it with Mom who views the photos via blackberry.
I can't believe you are turning 50 either! You are as beautiful as ever...happy birthday!
Much Love - Pandora

Roseann said...

Thank you so much, Pandora! I am looking forward to seeing you and Mom on your next visit to LA. It was a really wonderful birthday. I love you too!