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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Camellias are in the air and blooming like wild in my yard and at the Huntington! The photo above is a shot of several camellias I picked from my garden.

The Huntington Museum has quite a show going on right now! Camellias are in bloom and the museum will be having a plant sale later on, in mid-February. This particular statue stood out with what looks like a cape made of camellias.

This next shot is quite a beauty! Notice all the pinks and reds in these camellias!

Finally, this beauty caught my attention. It looks like it was painted! What a lovely flower appears amongst the branches and leaves. In a few, short hours, my vacation will come to an end. My art will have to take a back seat to my assistant principal job. But while I was on vacation, it was a truly wonderful time.

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