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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Since my last post showcased those beautiful sunflowers I got today, I decided to post about my best friend, Sergio. We have been friends almost my entire career, 24 years. When I started at Stevenson Junior High School, my first school, Sergio had already been teaching there a few years. He is a math teacher. In 1994, he, a group of friends, and I moved to Garfield High School. I have been most fortunate all of my life. My life is pretty terrific most of the time! I have really special and wonderful friends. I am especially lucky to have 3 friends, Sergio, Art, and Blanca in my life. I have been friends with Art since I was 14. And Blanca and I have been friends for almost 28 years. All 3 of them would drop anything to help me and I would do the same for them. Everyone should be that lucky in life to have friends like them. Not a days goes by that I don't thank God for all of my blessings! Anyway, this picture was taken at the Wilson prom, back in late April. Sergio was a good sport and was my date for the evening. My husband has gone to 2 proms and a Winter Formal dance with me and said, "Absolutely, no more! Take Sergio or 1 of your other friends!", after the last event. Fortunately, Sergio said "yes" and didn't mind too much going with me! We had a GREAT time! In this photo, it looks like my dress was very demure, but oh, not at all! The back of my dress dipped low and showed off most of my back, so I especially appreciated the front being more conservative. Besides, I have NEVER been 1 to wear very revealing clothing. I can't really think of anything more boring than being so exposed that there is nothing left to the imagination. And that goes for men too who show off way too much skin. Most people don't find that attractive.

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