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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last post of the evening. This is the cover of James Jean's new book called "Covers of James Jean". The book will be released in December. I have already pre-ordered my copy! Today is coming to an end. My day was really crazy at work! And right before noon, an earthquake hit the L.A. area. Actually, the epicenter was Chino Hills, which is east of Los Angeles. The earthquake measured in at 5.4. Today was my first earthquake as an assistant principal! I evacuated the entire school, which because of the summer school schedule, was much smaller than the regular school year. We evacuated a total of 67 classes! Everything went very smoothly and the teachers and students were great! This is the 3rd evacuation during an emergency situation that I have run. In the last 2 years, I have had 2 bomb threats, a gas leak, 3 lock-downs, and today, the earthquake, that I have had to supervise because I was the acting principal. Thank God each evacuation gets easier and that there have not been any injuries to date. Days like today are a reminder to all that an emergency situation can strike at any time and therefore, we need to be prepared. A 'light' moment during the evacuation today: a group of students, both boys and girls, told me they were scared. At that point, the entire school had already been evacuated to the football field and I was making the rounds to check on everyone down on the field. One of the boys in the group told me, "Miss, I am going to sue the school district for this!" I said to him, "Sorry, you will have to sue Mother Nature! LAUSD didn't have anything to do with this earthquake!"


Claudia said...

Hi Roseann :) Glad that things went well with the evacuation. I started my own blog, check it out www.blogspot/claudieas

Roseann said...

Congratulations! I got a chance to check it out tonight and read some of your postings. Your thoughts are very moving! I updated my blog over the weekend and have a new category that has several links. 1 of those links is for Inner City Struggle. My next post is going to be a little surprise that is meant just for you! Say "hi" to the Social Justice gang! I MISS you!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Glad to hear things went well with the evacuation!

Read your blog-hope your Mom is doing well.

OMG! You have a James Jean bag-You luck duck you!!!!!!!! His art is amazing...have loved his stuff since the moment I laid eyes on his artwork. Frickin' YUM!!!! He has a new book out via Chronicle called XOXO, FYI!!!

Roseann said...

Thanks for the update regarding James Jean's new book, Kelly! I read it on 1 of your postings last week! I feel like I was at Comic Con just by all your descriptions of the 4 days you were there! Thank you for your kind words about my mom. She's hanging in there, but her health and age are working against her.