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Saturday, July 12, 2008

I so enjoyed the "This Side of Paradise" exhibit at the Huntington. So, I decided to post some work by some of my favorite photographers. All photos are in black and white. The top photograph is by my all-time favorite, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, the great Mexican photographer.
These next 2 shots are by Imogen Cunningham. The United States Postal Service commemorated Cunningham and other iconic photographers' work by issuing a series of stamps that honored their work. This magnolia was made into a stamp.
Another of Imogen Cunningham's photographs. This is called "The Triangles". If you look closely, you can actually see several triangles.
These 2 shots are by Ruth Bernhard. The 1st photo is supposed to look grainy.
The next 3 photos are by the late Herb Ritts. I LOVE the way light and shadow is used in the below shot. The "zebra" print looks like someone painted it on the back of this woman's back.

Once again, look at the light and shadows on this model's torso. The shawl looks like it was painted on her body. The image does not really look black and white; instead, it looks sepia.

This last image is my favorite of Herb Ritts' work. It is wet sand on a model's back. Once again, a great study of light and shadow.

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