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Sunday, November 2, 2008

I spent all day cleaning and sorting all of my art supplies and ephemera. Now that we live in a smaller house, I really feel all the extra stuff we have, particularly what the things in my studio. So, slowly, I am getting rid of anything I don't use. I have made-up 10 collage packs; 5 of the packs have a Latin theme to them. The others are 2 Asian, 1 India, 1 birds, and 1 old-fashioned packs. The packs include collage colored images, decorative papers, stickers, ribbons, found objects, and a rubber stamp that coincides with the theme. These packets are pretty stuffed! I am selling each pack for $45, which includes shipping. If you are interested in purchasing a packet or have any questions, please email me at millan0206@yahoo.com. Thanks.

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