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Sunday, November 2, 2008

El dia de los muertos is 1 of my favorite holidays, right behind Valentine's Day. As always, there is NEVER enough hours in a day. I started working on some dia de los muertos artwork, and although I started several coffins over a month ago, I only managed to get 2 of the 6 completed before today. So, the other 4 will be a little late! Anyway, here are 2 of the pieces I did complete. I bought several plain, wooden boxes and made them coffins, then I decorated the top part (the lid) of the coffin. Inside each box is a clay calavera that depicts that person to the t! I bought the calaveras at the Folk Tree, http://www.folktree.com/, then once the coffins were finished, I glued the calaveras into their new homes. Because I haven't finished the other 4 coffins, I won't give it away and say who got the first 2 or who will be getting the others!

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