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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I have been SUPER busy at work! I can't believe that it has taken me a week to post again! This is how I spent part of my weekend. I assembled an altar/display in my living room to commemorate el dia de los muertos. El dia de los muertos, November 2, is becoming my favorite "holiday" of the year. I spent part of Saturday night putting together the large, plastic skeleton man who appears in my photos. He is about 5'0" tall. It took an hour for me to put him together! I am surprised I was able to get all the pieces right and there were no left-over parts. I would have made Mr. Leith, my high school biology teacher proud! After I got the man assembled, I spent the rest of the evening making the paper flowers for the altar. On Sunday, I ran around town looking for the fresh marigolds that are a huge part of any dia de los muertos celebration. The marigolds are called 'zempasuchil', in Nahuatl. The crowning effect came from adding the pumpkin seeds to the altar. I have been making altars for the last 14 years. The first one I ever made was for my father, who died on April 18, 1994. His altar was up for several years. Last year, I helped some of the Garfield students assemble an altar that was part of a community altar contest. Our group won, which was very exciting!

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