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Sunday, October 7, 2007

The following pictures are of my studio. I have a great place to create in! Art is all around the room. My visual journals are displayed above the wall-long bookcase. Also, I have original works by artists, Juliana Coles, Claudine Hellmuth, and Kelly Kilmer, displayed. Karen Michel's painting is on my easel. Several of my artist friends have also given me pieces that are on display: Christina, Diane, Kim, Val, and Yolanda. My friend, Val, died last year, around the holidays. One of my treasured pieces is a framed photograph of the Sedona mountains he gave me a few years ago. Val was an awesome photographer, and although I really miss him, that photo and the art books he gave me, will forever connect me to him. I can't walk around my studio and not think about him. I have been most fortunate to become friends with Kelly and Juliana. Kelly is a real 'treasure'. What a sweetheart... She and Juliana inspire me to take my art to the next level. I have so many of Juliana's pieces that I have to rotate the art! I affectionately refer to the area I have her artwork displayed on as 'Juliana's shelf'. Lastly, but never least, is my tribute to a very special lady: Carol Parks. Carol hosts artists from all over the country at her studio and home, in North Hollywood, and in doing so, provides so many of us opportunities to take private classes with these artists in an intimate setting. To say Carol is gracious is an understatement! She indulges all of us and is so patient with all that creative energy that seems to take over her home. On one of the shelves in my studio is a piece Diane created for me, one of my pieces, the pink Frida, and pink Chinese slippers Carol gave a group of us about a year ago. Because of Carol's generosity, I have gotten an opportunity to meet some amazing women and fellow artists such as Gina, Lou Ann, Judi, Tracy, Angela, Sonora, Darcy, Tamara, Ginny, Pat, and the list could go on and on...

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