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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My last post of the day. On a more serious note, the REAL meaning of Christmas is about practicing goodwill towards our fellow man, all year, and not just on one designated day a year. This picture is of Fatima, the Iraqi baby whose mother, as well as much of her family, were murdered a few months back. The baby was buried under trash and dead bodies, which probably saved her life. Anyway, the man holding her is a U.S. Army nurse. Fatima became the symbol of hope for those who deal with the wounded and dead on a daily basis: the doctors and nurses of the Iraqi war. The baby was so malnourished and underweight that those at the Army hospital took turns caring for her. Fatima became their "baby", as witnessed by this tender moment. When I first read this article and saw the pictures, it made me so sad and angry. A pointless war, like all wars are, and unfortunately, the "collateral damages" are usually the children. In a world that sometimes can be so full of violence and hatred, this is a reminder of all the good that still exists out there and that no matter how small our actions may be, we really have the power to make a difference.

And so my hope for the new year is that the world will become a more loving, forgiving, and peaceful place for everyone. This last picture is of a little Palestinian boy, living in the Palestinian territories, in the Middle East. May we all be more tolerant of those who we view as "different" from our comfort zone. Once again, Merry Christmas, happy holidays, Chanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Shalom.

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