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Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm getting ready to do the countdown to the new year like the rest of the world is doing about now! I am STILL sick! I cannot believe I have had this thing for a week now. I feel the crappiest at the end of the day, right before I get ready to go to bed. I have been having a real hard time breathing when I am lying down because I am so congested. So, I try to steal some time to nap and sleep in one of our 2 big chairs in our t.v. room. Today, however, I was not going to let this stupid bug get me down or even, put me down. I went to a late breakfast with 3 of my closest friends: Maria, Peter, and Sergio. We have been close friends for many years. We had a ball catching up! Well, since I see all 3 of my friends pretty regularly, I didn't really catch up. The catch up is for the 3 of them. Over the years, the 4 of us have traveled together to San Francisco and Maui. We are talking about going on a trip this summer. 3 of the 4 of us want to hit the Middle East - we have been talking about going to Jordan or Lebanon for awhile now, so maybe 2008 will be the year it finally happens. Well, since I have been sick a good chunk of my vacation, I haven't done very much of anything, particularly art. These 2 pages are my most recent work - they are about 2 weeks old. It is funny because I made 2 lists on one of the pages of what I wanted to accomplish during my 3-week break. I got minimal done, but that is alright with me. Happy New Year to all!

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