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Monday, December 8, 2008

Today was a very crazy day. In fact, Friday was the hardest day I have had as an administrator. It was non-stop, from the moment I got to work until the end of my day, which ended @ 6:30 p.m. Today was a little better, but we had a shooting and I ran another lock-down for about an hour while the police investigated. Still, I can honestly say that I LOVE my job and the day I feel differently, will be a sign to maybe do something else. I took this picture a few months ago @ the Huntington Museum, 1 of my favorite spots on the planet. The tree speaks volumes to me about the need to just be still sometimes... Art and gardening force me to be more patient and sometimes, even if it is for just a moment, to really, really take in the beauty of that moment.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Ugh-sorry to hear about the shooting...very very sorry. I hope everyone's ok.

Jeez and some kid in Tristan's SIXTH grade class had a gun in school today.

Will these kids learn??

Roseann said...

These incidents happen all over the place more often than people would like to believe. It's so incredibly easy to get a gun, legally or illegally. On another note, I got your email. You're probably thinking to yourself, "The world is going to end!"

Kelly Kilmer said...

Trust me..I know...Dad was law enforcement and very anti-gun...

On another note, Tristan told me last night that he wasn't sure "now" if the kid had a gun or GUM. I told him that they are two very different things...he told me they sound alike.


LOL The world's not going to end ;)

Looking forward to seeing you!