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Thursday, December 4, 2008

This is another version of "Miss Sarajevo". I actually got a chance to see U2 perform this version live in Los Angeles, during the "Vertigo" tour, 3 years ago. My sister, niece, and I went to the concert and had a great time. And although U2 is an incredibly talented rock band with a lot of punk still in them, they are SO much more than that. Bono continues to bring to the forefront world issues such as poverty, AIDS, and countries such as the United States "forgiving the debts" of 3rd world countries who will never be able to pay off such exorbitant debts. Although Bono is not Luciano, he does a really terrific job of singing in Italian. When U2 was starting out back when they were young teens in school, Bono was given the nickname, "bonovox", Latin for "good voice", and he sures lives up to it in this beautiful version of "Miss Sarajevo". The introduction, the song, the ending with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (30 Articles in total), make this song an especially appropriate and to-the-moment for the political landscape around the world. As bleak as things look right now on an economic front in this country, we are still able to enjoy our freedom, something too many take for granted. And after 20 plus years, I still feel honored to be a member of Amnesty International.

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