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Monday, December 29, 2008

As promised, here are some shots from Christmas 2008. This is a full shot of the tree.

Another shot of our tree. A different angle and a glimpse of our iron sun which greets you as soon as you walk into our home. The sun has had a place in every one of our homes.

Each year, I put up 2 trees in our home. I usually decorate this little tree with hearts, to get ready for Valentine's Day, my favorite holiday of the year!

Speaking of the kids, I put up their stockings at our place. At the last minute, my sister said she wanted to host Christmas dinner at her place, so the stockings went with us! The slinky was in Isaac's stocking.

This slinky was the highlight of the evening. Here's Michael "playing" with our great-nephew, Isaac. My brother and I are Mother and Father Goose with all the kids! We had a ball playing with all the kids, but I must confess: I was beat when we got through!

Isabella eating a candy cane and probably getting some on my brother, Michael.

My nephew, Josh, who was home for the holidays, me, and my little great-niece, Isabella.

Christmas 2008. . . a shot of my hubby and our niece, Francesca, in front of the tree.

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