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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some more shots from my day in Santa Barbara ... this is a side view of the front of the church.

My partner in crime and best friend, Sergio, sitting near the fountain, which is at the entrance of the mission. We had an absolutely perfect day!

A shot of the church's doors. All those pinks just blend in perfectly with the brown doors.

Most of the rest of these photos were taken from the interiors of the mission and church. I have always LOVED religious paintings (it must be my Catholic upbringing!). This painting caught my attention early on in the day.

The photo above is part of a larger piece. I kneeled on the floor to get a better shot of this woman. I LOVE the detail in her gown. Look at all of those pleats!

This statue, like the 1 above, are in niches, inside the church. I don't ever remember these statues being at the mission. Maybe, I just wasn't observant enough on those other visits. In any case, they caught my attention this time!

A full shot of the 2 statues. I think the woman kneeling by Christ's feet is Mary Magdalene. Although I attended Catholic school for 8 years, when it comes to religion, I am a horrible student! I'm hoping I guessed right . . . Look at the colors and patterns around the 2 statues. These were painted by the Chumash with dyes made from vegetables and plants.

We got an opportunity to explore the area where the crypts are housed. I saw this 1 and it just popped out at me! In a sea of white crypts, this 1 caught my attention because of the blue fish. The crypts ranged from the late 1800's to the present. We were very lucky that the building was open for us to check out.

A couple of statues greet you as you make your way through the interior of the mission. These 2 statues are made out of wood and are very beautiful in their simplicity and craftmanship.

More arches! I LOVE archways! We spent quite a lot of time at the mission. After the mission, we drove over to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. But because we spent so much time at the mission, we were only able to cover the first floor of the museum. My next post will include some shots of the museum. Stay tuned ...

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