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Thursday, March 20, 2008

One more posting for today. On one of my postcards that I posted yesterday, it reads, 'Did too much religion cause 9/11?' There is a story as to how that piece came about. That part of the card was a copy of a piece I did last year. Like some of Juliana Coles' postcards, I like to re-work some of my old work and make it new. I made that piece in one of my classes @ the Art Center, in Pasadena. As part of our grade, each student was given a composition book. Before we started working in our books, the professor told us we would each need to focus on a theme for our books. Each week, all of us would trade our books and we would work in someone else's book. The theme of the book that I did that particular piece in was 'too much religion'. So, I tried to do a take on 'the war on terrorism', religion, particularly Islam, and propaganda and how they impact the lives of all. I have never thought religion was the reason 9/11 occurred. On the contrary, I think to put it on Islam is a very simplistic view of looking at the problems in the Middle East. I believe it is the U.S.'s bad policies that have created a lot of the problems we now face throughout the world. Looking back @ 9/11, it was such a horrific event, but as horrific as it was, it was the first time in my life I saw the rest of the world unite behind the U.S. There was so much goodwill towards the U.S. and it is hard to imagine that in a very short time, it was squandered away. As we start looking to November 2008 to elect a new president, it is very apparent that whomever is the new president, they will have their work cut out for them. Lastly, the theme of my book was 'the value of a life' something that I constantly try to address in my art and life. I have posted these pages before, but feel the message needs to keep coming out loud and clear.