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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I created this piece as a memorial of sorts, to honor the anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death and the thousands of Iraqi civilians, U.S. troops, and allies who have died in Iraq as a result of the United States' "war against terror". One day, we as a planet will figure out that sometimes, we are our worst enemy! Rachel Corrie, an American activist, was crushed to death by a bull-dozer in the Gaza Strip, on March 16, 2003. An Israeli soldier killed her. Rachel Corrie had tried to protect the area near the Palestinian wells and the Palestinian workers from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). For many years, the media has presented a very one-sided account of what has been going on in the Middle East, particularly in regards to the Palestinian people. It is unbelievable that someone such as Rachel Corrie, a pacifist, would be murdered because she was trying to help a group of people who face many hardships on a daily basis. It is hard to believe that we just marked our 5th year in Iraq. And after 5 years, there is still no legitimate evidence of nuclear weapons! What bullshit is the tale our leaders have tried to spin! Hubris at its worst. Self-denial is dangerous.

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