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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! No views on the world today. Instead, I am posting photos I took yesterday. These are all shots of my garden. The nasturiums have been blooming since winter and pretty much bloom all year long. The shot of the sweet peas is my favorite. These are the first sweet peas of the season. Shortly after I finished taking photos, I cut these beauties. They are now in my studio, on my desk. They are so fragrant. But alas, they only last for a few days. Lastly, the trumpet is ready to explode with flowers. Their color is a butter yellow. I have several trumpets in my yard, but this baby is the one that is really blossoming.


Anonymous said...

See here or here

Kelly Kilmer said...

And she has time to garden?!?! ;) AND make art? AND work? AND go to the gym? AND?

Woman, you do it all!

Hope you have a nice Easter!!!

Roseann said...

Happy Easter, Kelly and to your family. My husband and I are going to be taking off soon for my mother's. Easter dinner will be celebrated with all the family@ her place. Most of the time,I pay the price for doing as much as I do, but I DON"T do it all! I'd be dead if I did! In the last 2 days, several friends have said I am a non-stop girl and live in the fast-lane! Well, thank God I'll be back to work tomorrow and 'normalcy'!

suzi finer said...

beautiful (like YOU!!!)

Roseann said...

Suzi,thank you for the compliment. If my hours weren't as crazy as they are now, I would spend more time in my garden! Say hi to Donna - a BIG hug to both of you! And take a look at my artist links, "I Am A Diva" is there with all the other great artist sites.