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Monday, February 18, 2008

The last of the Valentine's Day mail art. The first and middle shots are back and front views of my last cards. I knocked these 3 out on last Tuesday night, got them in the mail on Wednesday morning, and kept my fingers crossed that they would get to their recipients by Valentine's Day! Well, I KNOW that 1 definitely got to its owner since I personally delivered it. The bottom shot is from my favorite postcards that I created for the mail art swap that Carol hosted. It was hard saying 'goodbye'. I made about 52 valentines for the Valentine's Day tea/luncheon swap and I bought 2 dozen Valentine's Day cards that I mailed to family and friends. I am very proud to say, that somehow, with all the craziness of my job and the long hours I keep @ work, I STILL managed to meet all of Cupid's deadlines. YES!


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

These are so very beautiful. I love them...esp the one with the hand. I am obsessed by hands and yours are esp lovely.

Roseann said...

Thank you for your compliments! Check out my posting for February 10th - I plugged your blog. "My Marrakesh" is my favorite blog! Your photography is so amazing that you don't need anyone plugging it! Also, I designed my labels for my ATC's via a website called "YourDesignHelp.com" - hope this helps. I had to look for my invoice to get that information for you. I was very pleased with their service and my labels arrived within a matter of days.