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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yesterday, February 9th was the event of the year: Carol Parks' 23rd Annual Valentine's Day Tea. It was my first time attending! It is an honor to be included with Carol's friends. And was this thing something! Starting with the sumptious array of foods that welcomed everyone to the luncheon. Look at those beautiful sweet peas, one of my favorite flowers.
Next, the belly dancers! Carol hired 3 belly dancers to entertain us. And they sure did. Belly dancing is really hard work! I danced briefly with the 3 of them and a few other women. The dancers looked very sexy in their bright outfits. However, none of the dancers was Middle Eastern - I think I looked more Middle Eastern than any of them!
Some more of the artist trading cards I made for the Valentine's Day swap. In total, I made 36 of them. Most of them were made in a 2-day period! It was pretty insane!
My valentines wrapped and ready for transport to Carol's house. I put a lot of effort into creating each ATC and wrapping it. I even created individual envelopes for each card.
Finally, the BIG moment...the exchange. Here is a shot of all the valentines I received. They were truly wonderful. I will cherish and revisit my valentines for years to come. The best part of the luncheon: the special and unique gift Carol gives to each of us all year long: herself. I can hardly wait until next year's luncheon. Thank you, Carol. I love you.

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