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Monday, February 18, 2008

I was sick most of the weekend. Actually, I'm not sure if 'sick' is the right word. I felt crappy from the tetanus shot I got on Thursday, as part of my physical. I had a fever, my arm is (still) swollen, and I have had the sniffles all weekend. Yesterday morning, I got sick of feeling crappy, so I spent some time in my garden. I cut several camelias and iceberg roses and put these beauties into a glass and added water. They are now sitting on my work table in my studio. My favorite flower is the peony. Unfortunately, Southern California's warm winter climate is not compatible with the type of environment a peony needs in order to grow. And peonies have a very short blooming season: about 6 weeks in late spring, during the months of April and May, then, they are gone until the following year. But while they are around, they are spectacular to behold.

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