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Sunday, February 10, 2008

One more and last posting for today - my favorite blog is called "My Marrakesh". It is an amazing blog. I go to this blog several times a week and just drool over the spectacular photos that Maryam creates out of many 'every day' moments. I have wanted to visit Morocco since I was a child; it is 1 of my dreams to travel to that part of the world before I die. Reading Maryam's adventures and looking at her photos brings me closer to that dream... I feel as though I am traveling with Maryam and her family on an incredible journey they have embarked on. I am the stowaway in the cabin! "My Marrakesh" can be accessed from the links on my blog or by going to http://www.mymarrakesh.com/.


suzi finer said...

putting you on my linkety-side bar...happy valentines day!
suzi finer

Roseann said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Suzi! I miss you and Donna. Today is also my anniversary - #27! Thanks for the plug!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oh my.........this is so *very* sweet! I am very flattered and am thinking you simply must come to Marrakesh. Maybe next Valentine's day?