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Monday, January 25, 2010

The top photo is from a piece I did in Lynne Perrella's "Frida's Trunk: Lost and Found" class, back in fall 2007. Lynne has always been 1 of my favorite artists. And although I have only taken 2 of her classes, I must have made a positive impression on her because I receive cards and notes from her several times a year. Awhile back, actually 7 years ago this February, I had several hundred rubber stamps that I had collected, compiled, stashed, or were gifted to me over the course of many years. We had a fire that destroyed our entire home and all of our possessions. Miraculously, my large Acey Deucy collection wasn't touched by the fire. After that fire, it was the beginning of us down-sizing our lives. Today, I only have about a dozen of my Acey Deucy stamps - the ones I reach for, time and time again; stamps that I have had for many years. Lynne's work is such an inspiration to me. So, during my recent Christmas break, I made Lynne this travel journal and field kit for her upcoming Frida workshop.

Here is the cover of the field kit. I LOVE the strong, vibrant colors and how they compliment the focal image so well!

Here are the covers of the travel kit, minus the silk ribbon tied around it and the cover of the journal that fits inside the travel kit.

More images of the field kit, exterior, front cover, alongside its interior and the journal that tucks inside the kit.

Another view of the interior of the field kit.

Lastly, a view of the entire exterior field kit. The field kit and journal are both made of canvas - lots of layers of paint went into this project and it was finished off with a simple stitch, all along the entire field kit. The stitching was made with waxed linen thread.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Oh Roseann, it's exquisite!!!!!

lee said...

how beautiful....wow your house burned down and your rubber stamps survived...now that is a story...I am sure Lynn will be mightly pleased with this.

Seth said...

What a wonderful gift for Lynne. I have taken 2 classes with her and she is such a gifted, generous, and talented teacher and artist. And just plain nice too!!

lee said...

I love this, wow so nice of you to do that...its so beautiful the pages just talk to you.