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Thursday, July 2, 2009

I have been off for the last 3 days - it's sort of a mini-vacation for me. It will be the only vacation I get until Christmas break. I will be running the summer school program for 6 weeks. Anyway, today, Mike and I spent the day in San Juan Capistrano. We drove to San Juan Capistrano after starting our day @ my favorite breakfast place, Julienne's, in San Marino. I spent over 2 hours @ the mission. I snapped up so many photos, that my camera flashed "card full"! I haven't been to the mission in 5 years - the last time I was @ the mission, I went with my last graduating class and several teacher friends (in fact, some of my oldest and closest friends). We took the train to the mission. We celebrated another graduating class and my promotion to Assistant Principal. Yesterday, I started my 6th year as an administrator. Hard to believe how the time has flown.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Safe travels and have fun!!

LOVE your pictures- LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roseann said...

Girlfriend, you KNOW I was thinking of you when I was shooting these photos! Did you notice all the doorways and arches?

Kelly Kilmer said...

LOL ;)

and the lotus!!!!!!!!! YUM!