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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am taking a little breather from working in a book or making books. These little guys are called my "soul cards". However, this is the 2009 version of them! I have made many of these little guys over the years and have taught my students how to make a deck that is truly their own. Of all of the classes I have taken that my dear friend, Kelly Kilmer, has taught, this has been my favorite. The plan is for me to make a deck of 12, a sample deck. Next month, I am planning to have a few girlfriends over for art-making and lunch. They have been "itching" for me to teach a class. The soul cards will work since they are pretty fast to make. Tomorrow is beckoning ... week 4 of summer school and the last week the middle school kids will be attending Wilson High. I must say I have really LOVED having the little guys on campus. It has been SO long since I taught junior high! All said, those years I taught junior high were the best of my career.

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