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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Perfect Day

I am coming down to the last few days of my very, very, very short break before getting back to work next week.  Today, my husband and I spent the day together.  The best kind of day requires minimal planning.  First stop was at the Village Bakery and Cafe, in Atwater Village (our old neighborhood) for pastries and caffeine.  That was our breakfast.  Then, from there we cruised through several neighborhoods in West L.A., from Hollywood, to West Hollywood, to Larchmont Village, to Westwood, to Santa Monica's very quaint Montana Avenue neighborhood, to a late lunch/early dinner @ Patrick's, in Santa Monica beach, to eventually, making it to the beach. It was a short block walk to the water.  We had to walk through a tunnel to access the beach (the tunnel consists of mostly sand) on Pacific Coast Highway.  As soon as we came out of the tunnel, I immediately took off my shoes and walked on the sand barefoot.  The sand was cool and so was the temperature.  But that's okay - I LOVE the beach any way I can experience it.  As I got closer to the water, I took out my camera and started shooting and because no visit to the beach is complete without getting your feet wet, this fish girl dipped her feet into the beautiful, cold Pacific Ocean.  Yes, this was a perfect day for many reasons....

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