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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I know I should be focusing on other things such as opening year 2 of our school and making art, however, I am going to focus instead on fashion... It has taken me almost all of the summer to decide on how to update my wardrobe for fall and winter.  These are the items I recently bought to give my wardrobe a little edge and of course, a classic in the form of the wool coat that will be cherished for years to come.  My closet gets an overhaul several times a year.  Anything that has not been worn in awhile, gets donated.  I tend to stick to classics, so that I can go back to them over and over, and mix them up and wear them in a different way each time to make them look new.  And I have always liked giving my clothing my own little edge by adding something unexpectedly.  A couple of weeks ago, I wore a black sleeveless, v-necked  DKNY dress I bought for peanuts.  I wore it out to dinner with a black feather necklace that I tied and let the chain run down the back of my neck.  I added red lipstick (which is SO rare for me), flat black sandals, and a Chanel leather clutch I bought a few years back on eBay.  I try really hard not to look like an administrator and that is why I added the little handcuff bracelet and red clutch to my wardrobe.

On another note, although I worked at my school all summer, I did get an opportunity to work on some new art too.  I finished 2 (yes, Kelly, 2! ) journals.  I finished my "love" and "Frida" journals.  Now, all I need to do is take photos of my journal pages and upload them to the blog.  With school opening in 2 days, I better move on this...


Kelly Kilmer said...

I can't wait to see your new journals!!

Bet you rocked the outfit!!

Roseann Cazares said...

Kel, I think you are going to like the new art! As for the outfit, I did a little rocking!