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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I have been so busy for the last 2 weeks. I failed to notice that Fall officially arrived last week! That got me thinking about some of the things I wanted to accomplish this past summer since it was my first summer off since 1993. During those 5 weeks off, I got quite a bit done. But the one BIG thing I wanted to do was hit the beach (at least once). I just noticed how ghostly white my feet and legs look. Even enhancing the color on my computer did nothing to make them look tanned! I wanted a shot of my blue toes. I spend most of the week in a 'uniform' - some type of suit. The look is buttoned up, reined in, and predictable, so it is liberating to have something like blue toes underneath all that. Keeps people guessing... Afterall, who would want to be predictable? I can't think of anything more boring.

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