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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If you check out my blog, I have a very interesting link called "Style Rookie" by Tavi Gevinson. I have been following this blog for the last year-and-a-half. What makes this blog SO interesting is that it brings together art and fashion as seen through the eyes of its blogger, a 14-year-old girl named "Tavi". I have been obsessed with fashion since I can remember! Maybe it's because I went to a private school for 8 years and had to wear a uniform. Maybe it's because both of my parents were clothes-horses. Or maybe it is the artist in me! As a young girl, in my pre-teen years, I fell in love with Ali MacGraw's classic, yet simple elegance. By the time I saw "Love Story" as an 11 year-old, I was hooked!

If you take a look at these 2 shots of Ali MacGraw, you could swear her look is current and today! This is what great style does. It NEVER makes you look trendy! Growing up, I wanted to be Ali MacGraw, but I didn't have the straight hair, or the body, or the crooked front tooth smile, or really anything else of hers to be able to pull it off. Her approach to wearing sportswear has really influenced my look over the years. I learned at a very young age to invest in timeless pieces that I could use over and over. My approach to fashion has always been to buy something that has a lot of life to it. And maybe, who knows, 20 years from now, someone will look at a photo of me and say, "That outfit looks SO right now!"

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