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Monday, April 6, 2009

These 4 photos are shots of my latest artwork. This is the 1st time in over 7 years that I have made this book. I have made this book several times since I took the class originally. Each time I have made 1 of these books, it has been a gift. I learned how to make this book in 1 of Kelly Kilmer's classes, called "Travel Journal and Field Kit". That class and another of Kelly's classes, "Soul Cards", have been my 2 favorites. I made this journal and kit for an art teacher as a thank you gift. She and I worked together @ my last school, Wilson High. On and off, I have been working on this journal and kit for the last 2 weeks.

This is a shot of the journal and back cover of the field kit. The journal has a Frida theme to it.
This is a shot of the inside covers of the field kit, journal, and some art supplies.

This is a shot of the "pouch" where the journal sits inside the field kit. I used rubber stamps, collage images, and lots of paint for this project. Today, I started my spring break. I am off for a week and am anxious to churn out some new art like this.


Kelly Kilmer said...

and WHAT a gift!!!!!!!!!!

Roseann said...

Thanks, Kelly! This class was truly one of my favorites! You really outdid yourself!