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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Marvin Gaye

April 2, 1939-1984

Today is Marvin Gaye's 70th birthday. Marvin Gaye has always been my favorite singer. Any tribute I could write would not do the man and artist justice. In 1970, I was 11-years-old. There was a small music store near my school that would play a HUGE part in my life for almost 35 years. Several times a week, I would stop by this store on the way home from school and buy records with my allowance. Every week, I would walk out with several records in a bag. But 1 day, this same 11-year-old kid, walked out with her 1st album. It was Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On". I got home and was SO excited to rip off the plastic covering so I could play it on the stereo. I already knew "What's Going On", the single, from hearing it for weeks on the radio stations. But the album was quite something! Ground-breaking, unique, passionate, sad, and haunting. Just like Marvin. I was SO fortunate to see Marvin in concert, not once, but twice. The 1st time was when I was 14 and the 2nd time came a few months before he died. By that point in 1984, I was no longer a teenager; I was 24. Although 10 years had passed since that initial concert I attended, Marvin still had it! What an incredibly talented, spiritual, tortured, beautiful, and sexy man he was! Happy 70th, Marvin.


Kelly Kilmer said...

damn, he was the man, wasn't he?

I grew up on Marvin, Otis and all of the GOOD music my Dad raised us up on! Dad always tells the story of being in the Army when Otis died and they had a party for him...everyone playing his music, sitting around drinking and reminiscing...

Roseann said...

I was still too young during Otis' heyday, but Marvin, I KNEW @ 11, he was, and still is, the man! Hi, Kelly!

Kelly Kilmer said...

lol i'm 34 and didn't really know any of them during their heyday ;)
all i know is that yeah-you're right they're still frickin' amazing!