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Monday, September 8, 2008

You can really feel the changing of the seasons. Fall is in the air, especially in the arroyo! The fall is fast becoming my favorite season. I LOVE the coming of Halloween and el dia de los muertos! I spent part of tonight getting some more art supplies together so I can begin working on the coffins I am making for my calaveras. Also, I stopped at the neighborhood Ralph's to pick up 2 boxes of wax paper, so now, I won't have any excuse to not paint those coffins. In a couple of weeks, you will definitely be able to see the altars and displays for el dia de los muertos come alive throughout the city and beyond. If you are interested in any of the upcoming activities, here are some local places to check out: The Folk Tree, in Pasadena, Olvera Street, in the downtown area of Los Angeles, and Self-Help Graphics, in Boyle Heights. This Virgin Mary is part of a niche that is in the back of the building Self-Help Graphics is housed in - the statue is in the parking lot. I have photographed this statue many times over the course of the last 10 years. My next post will be about some of the activities that will be going on to prepare, as well as to celebrate, our beloved dead on November 2.

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