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Monday, September 8, 2008

These pages are from some of my journals. Since it is an "election" year, I thought I would stick to posting work that comes together by theme. So, after several years of war and no real evidence of weapons of mass destruction, this is my reaction to the violence that continues to erupt throughout the Middle East and once again, Afghanistan. The "collateral" damage that usually occurs has to do with innocent bystanders such as women and children.

Over the weekend, there was an airstrike in Afghanistan, that included children who were killed in the attack. I will just let my artwork tell the story rather than give my 2 cents.

With the presidential election less than 2 months away, I must say I am very concerned about what the outcome may be. To continue on the same course of action is a very dangerous plan. I believe if Obama is elected, maybe he and Joe Biden will be able to mend a lot of those delicate bridges that were destroyed by the Bush administration during these last 8 years.

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