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Monday, September 8, 2008

I am in a "hands" mood! These 2 and the last 2 shots are some of my pages that feature hands. The hands on the red pages are actually my hands. I can still remember creating these pages. I had red and orange paint all over my hands and nails. The 2 of these pieces really fit well together. The top piece is called "I Won't Compromise". This has been my mantra all of my professional life. And maybe it is a BIG reason why I can't seem to go anywhere in the district I am in. But if it means compromising my beliefs to get that fucking promotion, then I would rather stay where I am.

Tonight, I tried to work on some new artwork. Much of my art supplies are still in boxes, in the garage. But I do have most of my paints organized and available in my studio. I am hoping to start a few new pieces that are actually boxes I am turning into coffins! Yes, you read right! I am getting ready for "el dia de los muertos", the day of the dead, which is fast becoming my 2nd favorite day of the year, right behind Valentine's Day. I was going to paint the boxes and realized I couldn't find any of the boxes of waxed paper I have. I use wax paper as a palette and also as a surface to dry my artwork on. Well, since I couldn't find the wax paper, I decided to work on a new page in 1 of my current jourals. Because all of the pages are already painted, I can work on collaging and/or writing in it. So, after all that, I worked on a new page tonight and that was the BIG extent of creating new art.

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