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Saturday, January 1, 2011

This afternoon, since it seems everyone and their brother is in Pasadena, in particular, our neighborhood, I decided to venture out to the mall and hit a couple of stores for after-Christmas sales. I have been in love with this jacket since the fall! Every time I would go into the GAP, I was on the look-out for it. Unfortunately, the GAP I frequent didn't have it in stock and after Christmas, they sold-out of it on the website. Today, not even looking for it, I found the jacket, the only 1 in stock, @ the GAP I seem to live in. Not only was it the only 1 in the store, it was in my size, a medium, and it was on sale! Originally, the jacket was $128. Today, it was $99, but after a 40% discount, I walked out of the store with the jacket in my size, and I paid $65, including tax! Over the years, I have become very, very particular as to what I buy in terms of clothing. I love classics and am I willing to pay more money for something that will last me a lifetime.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Talk about a score, huh?!?! Too cool!

Roseann said...

I have NO idea what I will wear with this or when, but now that the new year is here, February will bring lots of opportunities for wearing this!