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Monday, January 3, 2011

Another great movie! Last night, we watched "Buena Vista Social Club", which was a documentary about several forgotten Cuban musicians. Shockingly, some of the artists were in their 90's when they performed these songs! This documentary was released in 2000 and was nominated for an Academy Award for "Best Documentary". Ry Cooder, who is such an amazing guitarist and was named #8 on the "100 Best Guitarists of All-Time" list by Rolling Stone Magazine, went to Cuban in the late 90's to record an album of Cuban music. The recording led to the movie being made. Many of the artists who are in the documentary had performed at one-time, at the legendary "Buena Vista Social Club". The movie is mostly in Spanish, but it doesn't matter when you see Ry Cooder (the guitarist with glasses who is dressed in black) and his son, Joachim, on the drums and congas, perform with these Cuban artists - it is amazing what they do, song-after-song. Art will always transcend any language since art has its own language.

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