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Sunday, August 15, 2010

July and now August, have been incredibly busy months! We are a month away from opening the new school and there are SO many things that still need to get done. I feel as though I am 8 months pregnant and ready to give birth soon! Absolutely no time to make art or to do too much of anything other than work! However, my blog needs a jolt and some fresh artwork before my 7 "followers" desert me for good! These pages are from my swatches book that I started in Kelly's "Swatches" class, early in July.

I have enjoyed tremendously working in this little book and I am 4 pages away from completing it. Once this book is finished, it will be time to re-visit my love journal, which has been as patient with me as my blog followers!

If you like my pages, particularly the decorative papers I am using, fyi - in my quest to keep cleaning and minimizing the amount of supplies I have in my studio, I have made up some packs again. These packs are different from the ones I usually sell because they are just made up of paper - all kinds of paper: decorative, colored copies of some of my favorite images, foreign language magazine and newspaper pages, and other bits of ephemera. These packs are in a gallon sized Ziploc and are pretty stuffed! I am selling them for $25 (including shipping). If you are interested in purchasing 1, email @ millan0206@yahoo.com .

Lastly, this little swatch book's theme is a celebration of women. All kinds of women ...


Kelly Kilmer said...

I LOVE your collage packs! L O V E them.

Your pages are truly fabulous. So unique and so very, very YOU.

Roseann said...

Hi Kelly! Thanks for the kind words! I keep trying to get a lid on my studio!

Anonymous said...

stumbled across your blogs and am enjoying your gorgeous journal pages. really lovely!

Roseann said...

Thanks Monica for the very kind words. I am excited that you stumbled across my blog!