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Saturday, July 10, 2010

These are the front and back covers of my 1st swatch book that I made in Kelly's class last weekend. I actually made 3 books, but am currently working in only 1. I have to really concentrate and not allow myself to be distracted from this current book because it would be very easy to jump into the other 2 and work from 1 book to another. DISCIPLINE!

I have had this image for several years. I got it from Sarah Fishburn (1 of my favorite artists) through a swap that I participated in. I like how the background papers seem to pick up the colors of the object the young woman is carrying over her head. I especially like the pinks and reds that are so prominent.

I worked with packing tape, stickers, and rick rack on these pages. On the page to the right, I let some of the original paper peek through it.
It was an extremely busy week. We are only 3 weeks from moving into the new school. After moving in, there are about 5 weeks before the new school year starts. Time is just flying! I was reminded of that yesterday when we received the calendar of upcoming principals' meetings for the new year. Ridiculous that we are getting this in July since we just had our last meeting of the previous school year in June, but there the calendar loomed over us!
As busy as it has been these last 3 months, I am trying to squeeze in a little "me" time, as well as "we" time! Last night, we watched a really wonderful movie called, "Born into Brothels", which I would highly recommend.


Kelly Kilmer said...

I would LOVE to see these in person.


LOVE how you did the Frida page! CLEVER!

YAY for art journal pages :)

Roseann said...

Thanks, Kel! I have completed 24 pages in this little swatch book!

sf said...

love the page with the girl ya got from me!