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Thursday, November 12, 2009

What an incredibly busy month November has turned out to be for me! I have been trying to work in a little art here and there so that I can stay sane! Creating art is a great way for me to keep some balance in my life. Here are some of my latest pages. . .

It is no secret that I have been having a love affair with San Francisco, going back to the days we lived there for almost a year, back in 1991-1992. Every opportunity I get, I am there. And if I can't get away, my mind daydreams enough of the time that I find myself walking down those familiar blocks, just like I did all those years ago. It is as I NEVER left the city!

These pages were made with some of the stash that my dear friend, Kelly Kilmer sent to me recently. Kelly gave me an amazing assortment of collage ephemera that has had my creative juices going for the last week! Once again, Kelly, thank you SO much! And just like San Francisco is 1 of my BIG loves, so are skeletons and el dia de los muertos, which is celebrated in Mexico on November 2. Speaking of collage ephemera, I still have 3 collage packs for sale. For more information, refer to my October 17th post and comments posted regarding the collage packs I am selling.


Kelly Kilmer said...

You? Love San Francisco? Now that's a shocker-lol. ;)

LOVE those pages. LOVE.

I love SF too.

lee said...

I to love San Fran...my husband and I have been there at 10 times. If I were to live in the States it would be San Fran. I love the weather, the people, the atmosphere, everything about it. Its a walking town

Roseann said...

Thanks Kelly on the compliment on my latest pages! I am going NUTS at work and the artwork has helped me tremendously. Yeah, I know - San Francisco is my 2nd home!