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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A few more pages in my book. I am "itching" to finish this book and start on a new one. It has been a very quiet weekend for me. I had a brutal week @ work and it has been great to turn off that week in many ways. I was SO exhausted, that last night, I was in bed before 9! Wow... Today has also been mostly quiet. I did some work for about a couple of hours, but I also snuck in a nice breakfast with my husband, got my hair trimmed, and ran a couple of errands. Nothing too straining - a nice, quiet weekend is exactly what I need to re-charge for Monday and another week.


Kelly Kilmer said...

I friggin LOVE these pages. Have I ever told you that you have THE BEST handwriting EVER?

Roseann said...

Kelly, my handwriting is really printing! When I was in college, I had a very eccentric English teacher named Professor Mahoney. She was an old Scottish woman who could make even me blush w/ her colorful language. One day, she called me up to her desk and said, "You have the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen! In fact, it is so beautiful, it should be framed and hung in a museum. But I can't read your goddamn paper so from now on, either type or print all of your work!" Blame my handwriting on 8 years of Catholic school where those fancy letters were drilled into my head! No hard feelings about Professor Maloney - I took several of her classes over the years and she was 1 of my favorite professors.

Kelly Kilmer said...

LOL that's a great story!