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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Speaking of red, the other day, I wore these red shoes to work. I had on a beige and black dress and rather than put on a pair of black shoes, I decided to take these little guys out of the closet and wear them with the dress and black jacket I topped the dress with. Well, everywhere I walked on campus that day, I got a comment about my shoes! It was like everyone was making love to my shoes! Young, old, male, female, girls, and boys, everyone looked at my shoes. My feet are very important to me and I really, really pamper them as much as I can. And because my feet are SO spoiled, I am extremely mindful of what I will put on them. I may not be your typical woman - I am not a shoe whore (!); I have about a dozen and a half shoes to my collection. I am willing to pay a fortune for my shoes, but I know that even if I spend ridiculous amounts on my shoes, they will last me just about forever. I have no problem taking a pair of shoes and having them repaired to death! And the other thing that is really important to me, I do not like dirty shoes. I like mine to be shiny and clean - must be all those years of Catholic school rubbing off on me.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Those are so damn cute!

Roseann said...

I had a lot of fun wearing these! I've had these shoes for about 2 years and have only worn them 3 times. I get SO sick of looking like an administrator, so it is fun to mix it up every once in awhile and wear something that doesn't look like a uniform!