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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where the fuck have I been?! I have no idea why I haven't posted. Maybe it's because I have been incredibly busy for the last 6 weeks. But, I have been on a mini-vacation for the last 5 days, so now I have no excuse! Although I report back to work tomorrow, I have gotten a lot of rest and had had time to make a lot of art. I have been in love with India and its colors for quite awhile. So, after making a travel journal and field kit for my colleague and friend, Samira, I decided that the next book I made would be for me. Here are some shots of my new book and a peek at some of my journal pages inside. Speaking of India, yesterday I got a chance to buy a few pieces from the Paper Source's new India collection. Since the Paper Source is only a few blocks away from my home, I make it a point of going in there a couple of times a month. A cheap, decadent habit! Yesterday, I got out of there with minimal damage - under $15.00 worth of paper goods! The papers are gorgeous.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Yeah, that's what I was wondering... ;)

Shit, you got out of paper source for $15? I needed 3 of each of those damn papers $50 later.

LOVE >LOVE LOVE the book.

How the hell are you doing and when does school end?

Roseann said...

We need to sit down and have a drink or a glass of iced tea just to catch up! 3 weeks away from school ending! Woo hoo!

Seth said...

This journal is looking totally amazing. I love the vivid colors!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Sounds like a plan! Long time no SEE!
Drop me a note when you're not crazy busy...ha ha ha ;)

Roseann said...

Thanks for the compliments, Seth! I am really enjoying working in this book!